What is the Contain-A-Pet electronic dog fence guarantee?

September 29

Contain-A-Pet recommends that its Dealers provide a one year pet 100% money back containment fence guarantee. No other company offers this!

Our only stipulation to the guarantee is that you cooperate with our trainers and follow their recommendations. Very rarely do we encounter a dog that one of our dog trainers/behaviorists can not contain. Of course we ask you to do your part by doing the training and conditioning, maintaining your fence and collar, etc.

There may be some instances that may limit this fence guarantee. Please check with your Contain-A-Pet Dealer for their guarantee.

Contain-A-Pet was the first in the pet containment industry to have its Dealers provide such a fence guarantee. It’s simple. We believe if you invested in a pet containment system to contain your pet, it should contain your pet.

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** Dealer participation may vary. Please check with your Dealer on their containment guarantee.