Golden Retriever Characteristics

April 29

At a glance:

Breed Group: Golden Retriever
Height: 23-24 inches
Weight: 65-75 lbs
Color: golden color coats.
Life Expectancy: 10-13 years
Average litter size: 6


The golden retriever breed originated from Scotland in 1800. There were doubts over the original breeds which were crossed. The original or traditional opinion was believed to be among some yellow complexioned dog with a tweed or water spaniel. They were first recognized as golden retrievers in 1911 and in 1913 a club dedicated to them was also formed. The lineage of all golden retrievers is believed to be hunting dogs.

The type of work the breed does:

These are usually hardy dogs and very useful to humans. They are so lovable that they can win everyone’s heart. In the beginning, they were raised as hunting dogs. A few talents of the golden retriever are tracking, hunting (retrieving ducks and other small prey), agility, obedience, narcotics detection etc. Goldens also work as guides, companions, rehabilitation, and search and rescue dogs.

Physical Representation:

The natural life of a golden retriever is between 10 to 13 years. A male golden retriever can measure between 23-24 inches and a female one between 21½-22½ inches. The males will weigh approximately 65-75 pounds and the females will weigh 55-65 pounds. As with many other breeds today, I have seen goldens bred even larger. Golden retrievers can vary in the color of their coats as they come from different parts of the world. Some are cream in color. Some are of a dark brown or reddish color having a dense coat. Most are said to be of the light golden color, from where the name comes. It comes in various feathering and molding which are of golden, cream etc.

Personality and Temperament:

Usually, a golden retriever is a well-balanced, athletic & good mannered dog. It is very lovable & socially accepted for its friendly nature. They have a patient, fun loving temperament. They are also very intelligent. And, just as noted in its name, it loves retrieving anything like balls, frisbees, etc. It has a fun loving, entertaining temperament which is suitable for interacting with people and makes a great family dog.


Golden Retrievers, being moderately active dogs (males are more active), require a reasonable amount of exercise each day and are more active in the morning and evening. If they have a companion, they burn more energy through play. Golden Retrievers should be groomed at least once a week because their coats shed heavily the entire year and even more excessively during spring, their shedding season. I would consider feeding a bland diet such as chicken or lamb and rice type foods. Supplementing their diets will also be beneficial to them. Golden retrievers seem to be very prone to skin allergies and cancer. As with any big breed, careful care should be made regarding their hips.

Living environment:

Due to their very mild, calm temperament, they can be easily trained. As mentioned earlier, they are great family dogs as they are very loving and caring. They are not very vocal, so they do not normally bark a lot. Golden retrievers are very patient with children. Aside from bumping into toddlers on occasion, it is very rare to see an aggressive golden retriever. I have said this before and I will say it again. The golden retriever is probably the best all-around family dog (with children) that God ever put on this earth.


Golden retrievers do need an area to be able to exercise. The electric dog fence system is a great solution for containing one, but not feeling contained yourself. In my experience, goldens adapt very well to these systems, especially with Contain-A-Pet Fencing, with proper training. Do not allow anyone to just shock these loving creatures, as it is not fair or needed. Never put a golden retriever or any other puppy on these electronic systems before at least 16 weeks of age.


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