How does the electronic indoor fence work?

September 29

The electronic indoor fence is a wireless fence transmitter that emits a signal in a radius out from the unit. This signal can project from inches to 6 – 8 feet away from the unit. If the dog or cat gets into this signal field, the collar will activate and scoot the pet back away from whatever area the indoor fence is protecting.

The founders of Contain-A-Pet were the first people to develop the electronic indoor fence. It was initially invented for dog behavioral problems in the house such as dogs/cats getting on furniture, getting in trash cans, separating pet food dishes, bolting out or even scratching expensive doors. You can even fence off areas of the house including rooms, stairways, etc.

As a professional trainer, we recommend training your pet to the area, using the unit consistently (not turning it on and off), and keeping it in one place. You may confuse your pet and cause it to be unsure of its surroundings.

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