How do you conduct the underground dog fence training?

September 29

First of all, it is very important that you realize that Contain-A-Pet’s professional experience is in animal training and behavior. Our training techniques are different than any other company although we find ourselves being copied more and more.

Depending on the pet being contained, we utilize a Pavlovian conditioning method that utilizes combinations of training string and flag visual boundary (depending on the personality and temperament of your dog). The combination of the flags and string provide both a visual and a physical boundary for your pet. This is designed to reduce the stress on your pet by giving it finite boundaries and reinforcing our training process.

Many companies use flags by themselves and they place them 6-8 feet apart. This creates a void or area between each flag. When a dog becomes disoriented, he may run between the two flags and out the property, thus conditioning him to escape the fence instead of being contained by it. \

A typical conditioning period will last 10 minutes per day for 5-7 days followed by a 1-2 week supervisory period.

We are able to adjust the correction of our collar/receiver to fit the personality type and breed of your pet. This includes very small dogs all the way to the large “escape artists” that our competitors’ systems cannot seem to keep in. One big key, many times our competitors will have to change collars to their stronger (which is much bigger and heavier) collar if the dog gets out. You can confirm this by asking our competitor.

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