Standard Poodle Characteristics

April 29

At a glance:

  • Height: 22 to 27 inches
  • Weight: 45 to 70 lbs
  • Color: Cream,cafe’-au-lait, apricot, gray, blue, brown, silver
  • Life Expectancy: 12-15 years
  • Average litter: 8
  • Grooming: Demanding
  • Exercise: Medium
  • Temperament: Sparky and cheerful

Standard Poodle Characteristics – History :

The Standard Poodle is considered to have originated in france and is said to have descended from the Barbet which is a virtually extinct French water dog and the Hungarian water hound. The breed derives its name form the German word Pundel meaning one who plays in water.

The Standard Poodle was originally used in France as well as in Germany to retrieve waterfowls. They were employed as gun dogs by hunters who clipped thier coats leaving fur on the legs and joints in order to provide protection form frigid waters. Their high intelligence and dog trainability was effectively used by the French for circus performances. The Toy and Miniature varieties of the Poodle were created through the crossing of the Standard Poodle with smaller dogs.

Standard Poodle Characteristics – Physical Representation:

The Standard Poodle is an elegant medium to large sized dog, squarely built with a symmetrical body. The wire haired coat is abundant and curls naturally. The rounded skull has a somewhat distinct stop and the mouth closes in a distinct scissors bite. The wide ears hang close to the head and the oval shaped eyes are usually have a dark hue. The feet are small in comparison to the rest of the body but at the same time are very compact. The coat is groomed into three styles known as the Pet clip, English Saddle clip and the Continental clip. In the Pet clip the coat is maintained with short hair all over the body whereas in the Continental and English Saddle clip the rear half of the body is shaved leaving portions of hair around the ankles and pompoms on the hips and tail.

Standard Poodle Characteristics – Type of work the breed does:

The Standard Poodle was originally used as a gun dog and for the retrevial of waterfowl. However, today they are bred exclusively as companion pets and show dogs.

Standard Poodle Personality and Temperament:

The Standard Poodle has a happy, playful and lively personality. They are inherently good natured with proud and dignified mannerisms. Being highly intelligent they are very easy to train. They are excellent companions for children and readily take to other pets. The Standard Poodle needs companionship and does not like being left alone for prolonged periods of time. This breed is friendly with strangers as well but can also be trained to be good guard dogs.

Standard Poodle Characteristics – Standard Poodle Care:

This breed requires a lot of maintenance and needs to be groomed extensively. Baths should be given regularly and trimming is necessary every six weeks or so. The ears should be checked regularly for infection and parasites and the teeth need to be scaled once in a while as well. The shed little or no fur.

Standard Poodle Characteristics – Standard Poodle Living Environment:

The Standard Poodle can easily adapt to apartment life but a small yard for them to run freely about will be ideal.

Standard Poodle Characteristics – Standard Poodle Electric Dog Containment:

Standard Poodles do need an area to be able to exercise. The perimeter pet fence is a great for exercise and happy play. In my experience, poodles adapt very well to these systems with the proper fence training.

Do not allow anyone to just shock these loving creatures. It is not fair or necessary. Proper perimeter dog fence training is the key.

Never, ever put a Standard Poodle puppy or any other puppy on these perimeter pet fence before at least 16 weeks of age.


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