New Study On Training Scent Dogs

April 29

For years dog trainers have used pseudonym dog smells to emulate the real substance a dog is to learn to search for. What is a pseudonym scent? A pseudonym scent is a substitute smell made artificially in place of the real thing … marijuana, cocaine, explosives, cadavers. Now there is a study from Indiana University and Purdue University that states there is nothing like the real thing.

How sniffer dogs detect explosives decoded
Business Standard, on Sun, 02 Mar 2014 04:11:15 -0800
Previous studies suggested that certain non-explosive chemicals emitted by Composition C-4 cause dogs to alert, and that these specific chemicals could be used as mimic substances to train the dogs in place of real explosives. Researchers discovered …

Bomb Sniffing Dogs

Training scent dogs is fun. you can even do a fun version with your puppy. I call them fun tracks. Contact your local dog trainer to see if he/she has any experience in scent training. Back to Dog News.


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