Dog Jumping Fence? Here Is What To Do

April 29

Is your dog jumping fence? There are literally thousands of canine escape artists out there. Every day some poor owner is having to take off of work, apologize to the neighbors or spend half the day (or night) looking for their dog again. All because the fence they spent hundreds or thousands of dollars to keep their dog safely contained is not working.

Are you one of these dog owners?

It doesn’t have to be that way. An underground dog fence may be the answer to stopping your dog from jumping the fence … if you do your homework.

Why does an electric dog fence seem to be an answer?
You have to understand how the fence works. Typically, you lay the fence wire around your yard, in a complete loop. You hook the wire to the fence transmitter which in turn sends a radio signal around the property. You dog or cat would wear an electronic collar. As your pet gets close to the system, your collar wakes up and will beep/correct him if he gets too close to the fence (within 2-4 feet).

With the “proper conditioning“, your pet will know he has gone to far and return to the safety of his yard.

Did you see the “proper conditioning” term above? You just don’t go out and shock the heck out of your pet. You teach and condition him where the boundary is.

Once properly trained, your pet will not get close to the fence. If you do this part right and maintain the pet containment system, you will solve the dog jumping fence problem.

The hard part is finding the right electric pet fence.

There is a whole series of dog articles written by a certified professional master dog trainer that will help you find the company that fits your situation best. Go to Dog Fence Reviews to read more.


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