Banning Dog Breeds – Coming To A Home Near You

April 29

Do you live in a city with banned dog breeds? Many people do and some don’t even realize it as often times the laws are not enforced. In the next few paragraphs you will learn about how breeds get banned, the breeds that are most often banned and why it should make a difference to you.

Dogs Attack

It doesn’t matter the size or the breed of a dog, any dog that is untrained can pose a threat to others. Some grandparents in Hopkinton, Iowa, learned this the hard way. On March 5th their three year old granddaughter went out in their backyard and was fatally mauled by the families two pet Rottweiler’s. She died and the animals were euthanized at the request of the family. The city council discussed banning the Rottweiler breed but later decided against it.

Breeds Being Banned

If you live in a city with laws regarding the breeding or owning of certain breeds and you don’t follow the laws you could be fined or face jail time. Some of the most popular breeds currently being banned are: American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweiler, Mastiffs, Great Danes, Chow Chows, German Shepherds and many others.

Why Should It Make A Difference?

Imagine being in the military or having a job where you frequently have to move your family. If your family has a Pit Bull there are many cities where the breed is not welcomed. If you have a large dog such as a Saint Bernard or Mastiff you won’t be able to move him to Fairfield Iowa, all dogs that weigh over one-hundred pounds are banned. Some rental property owners have certain breeds they won’t allow and insurance companies will charge more for coverage if you have a certain breed or they can deny you insurance altogether. What if you have a well behaved dog and the breed gets banned from your city, what will you do? Many people are dealing with this problem everyday as they have to leave the pets they love behind.

Prevent Banning

If you have a dog that bites or attacks someone you could unknowingly start a conversation in your city regarding banning the breed of your dog. Make sure your dog is well trained. Seek out a trainer to help if your dog has behavior issues you can’t correct on your own. Dog lovers are angered by the fact that many breeds are being banned as the attacks are typically the cause of the owners mistreating the dogs, teaching them to attack or ignoring behavior issues that causes the problems in the first place. They don’t care if a breed is banned, they will just move on to another breed until that breed is also banned. The cycle will just continue until the owners are held accountable. Responsible dog owners and breeders are the people who suffer most in these situations.

Last, but certainly not least, you should never use an electric fence for dogs for the only means of containment for a pet that you think could bite someone. That is totally irresponsible and dangerous.


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