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Underground Fence: Quick and Inexpensive with a 1 Year Containment Guarantee


An underground fence is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to keep your dog where they need to be, safely within your yard and not out getting lost or chasing cars. Especially when compared to regular fences, kennels, keeping them inside and/or putting them on a chain, an underground dog fence gives your pet the maximum freedom while giving you the absolute minimum amount of headache.

Dogs are not designed for a sedentary, indoor life, even if a breed can be considered a lap dog. All dogs are descended from working dogs, who were bred for energy and stamina and need a healthy amount of exercise.  And, if you go back to the wolf, the dogís ancient ancestor, youíre not going to find a lazy animal there, either.

So unless you live in a mega mansion, your dog is going to be both happier and healthier if they have a yard for them to stretch and play in. Most people walk their dogs, and while this is good for them and for you, and should continue, itís not enough for most dogs. They need time to run, play and explore in their environment.

This is easier said than done. We mostly live close to other people, and this opens up a whole universe of peril for our canine companions. There is of course the omnipresent danger of the automobile, which far too many dogs seem to view as a giant squirrel they are duty bound to run down and, presumably, devour.

But there are also other animals, neighbors that donít appreciate friendly dogs in their yard, and wild animals that are inclined to view your pet as a snack. There is also the chance that your pooch, without underground dog fencing, will simply follow itís nose until they get lost and canít find their way back.

The solutions to this arenít particularly great. Regular fences are expensive, can be unsightly, adversely affect your property value and tend to be fairly ineffective for keeping many dogs where they need to be. Kennels give a dog free run, but very little space, and can cost as much as some underground fence systems. Chains are cheap, but they donít give the dog any room to run, and no dog should be on the chain for any length of time.  Let me repeat, no dog should be tied out on a chain for any length of time.

An underground fence for dogs allows your dog to have the run of the whole yard if you choose. They are inexpensive to install, are invisible, and work with your dogís instincts to be effective. If the training is done properly, they use a form of conditioning to insure that your dog learns where he can and cannot go.   This is by far the best way to keep them where you want them.  No stress. A sense of freedom. And, no fence lines.

We believe Contain-A-Pet is a company you should seriously consider when looking for an underground fence because we make sure that all of our dealers have training in animal behavior. Why is that important? 

Your dogís life is at stake. 

We are so comfortable that we can keep your pet safely at home, we recommend each dealer offer a one year containment guarantee. There are instances where this can not be done; but, they are few and far between.  Call your local dealer today and see how Contain-A-Pet can immediately change your lives for the better!

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