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Pet Fences: The Best Doesnít Always Cost The Most. Hint. Think Electronic Pet Fences

Pet fences allow your pet the freedom to spend time outside with less risk of injury or running away. This is a big problem for most pet owners, whether or not they are cat people or dog people. We want our pets to be happy and healthy, but it can be hard to give them the time outside that they need in order to exercise and just generally enjoy being themselves. The problem is what kind of pet fencing will be effective for your pet without breaking the bank?

Dog owners are going to have an easier time of it with dog fencing, but the typical fences arenít a perfect solution. If you have a fairly sedate dog, then any kind of decent fence is going to serve to keep them safely inside your yard. The problem is that most dogs are going to eventually try to get over, under, or around a fence if they really want out.

Chain link fences, for instance, are fairly common, and if you get them high enough, five to six feet, then theyíre going to be reasonably effective in keeping pups in the yard. But there are dogs that will actually figure out that they can climb over the fence, and many other dogs will cheerfully dig under the fence on the way to freedom.

Cats, of course, are even worse. They are natural climbers and great leapers, and no form of conventional pet fencing is likely to even slow them down, much less keep them in the yard. In order to keep a cat contained, youíd need a fence with a top and bottom. You just canít give a cat the opportunity to climb over or squeeze through a traditional fence. Possible, but impractical.

Another flaw with traditional pet fences is the expense. Fences are, typically expensive to have installed, and this makes them something that most people wonít have the financial wherewithal for. You also have to consider the aesthetic implications of having a fence around your property; many people will flat out not like looking at a fence. Last but not least, most people donít like the feeling of being fenced in.

Fortunately, there is a kind of pet fencing that takes care of all those problems. Itís effective for cats, dogs and virtually any other kind of pet. It is inexpensive, highly effective and will not screw up your view or offend the neighbors. The best kind of pet fencing is the electronic pet fence.

Basically, this works by having a wire buried underground that continually broadcasts a radio signal. This signal communicates to a receiver your pet wears on their collar. As the dog approaches the boundary the collar emits a beeping tone immediately followed by a slight electronic correction (much like a static shock). With professional training and conditioning, this is a safe humane way to give your pet the maximum amount of freedom.

The key is that you should work with a trainer to make sure that your pet gets the training on the electric pet fence that they need. The point of underground pet fences is to train your pet to stay in the yard, not to punish them after they have already run off. If you have a need for pet fencing, check out Contain-A-Pet. Contain-A-Pet is the only company in the world to require all new dealers be certified professional dog trainers. Real professionals know the proper training techniques for safely and effectively teaching your pet to stay in its yard. This is why Contain-A-Pet offers a full one year money back guarantee for most of its four legged friends.



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