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Pet Fence: Can Contain-A-Pet Help Prevent Pet Related Injuries?



Pet Related Injuries are a growing concern in the United States. Did you know the number of pet related falls is approaching 100,000 each year? According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, falls are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries in the United States. Can a pet fence help reduce the frequency of these injuries?

Because much of the U.S. population (baby boomers shuch as myself)  is approximately 60 years of age, let's take a moment to look at potential problems that elderly pet owners face, along with possible solutions and measures that can be taken to prevent pet related injuries and falls from occurring.

Elderly Pet Owners

As we move toward our senior years, many of us experience the empty nest syndrome. We often choose to become pet owners. According to psychological studies on the overall well being of the average pet owner, the health benefits of pet ownership are amazing. Pets help to reduce stress, lift our spirits, keep us from being lonely, and even help us to heal more quickly (as a result of our improved mood).  

With all these positives, you would think that making the decision to own a pet was a no-brainer. Well, not so fast. Along with the positives, there are risks involved that should be discussed.

In our golden years, bones become more brittle and reflexes become slower. This often poses a problem with excitable dogs and cats. According to experts, preventative measures that greatly reduce the risk or likelihood of pet related falls include:

  • Realizing that the greatest dangers occur while walking an unpredictable or untrained pet.

  • Relying on a safe, humane, pet fence or invisible fence type system.

  • Taking steps to insure your dog is properly trained.

  • Chasing a pet that likes to run, or dealing with a leashed pet that tugs and pulls his or her owner increases the liklihood of an injury.

How Can Contain-A-Pet Help?

Contain-A-Pet is an electronic pet fence manufacturer, but describing it as such is truly leaving out the entire mission and purpose of the company.

Contain-A-Pet does use and believe in the electronic pet fence and collar combination as a safe and humane form of pet fence. But, there is so much more. Contain-A-Pet is an all inclusive program that teaches you how to introduce your pet to the fence system in a way that will prove to be safe and non-scarring to your pet. It's an entire training program that will soon have your pet realizing his or her boundaries, responding calmly on a leash, and even staying out of certain off-limits rooms and areas on the inside of your home.  Because Contain-A-Pet dealers are dog professionals, we can even help with dog training or behavior modification.

We are true pet professionals.  We care about pets as much as you do.  This company was built around pet professionals.  we aren't just another company out to grab a dollar, make our product overseas and extract every cent we can.  We are your neighbors.  We are part of the community.  

If you find yourself needing a pet fence or dog training, call us.  Call our competitor too.  We believe we have a great deal to offer and we hope to prove it to you when we meet.  

Contain-A-Pet is one of the most trusted products of its kind, with the world's best containment guarantee, and the highest standards of quality and integrity. When this pet fence system is coupled with proper training and conditioning, you'll have the trusted and loyal companion you are looking for, without the worry of possible hazards and injuries that can come with the untrained, out of control dog.

Contain-A-Pet is manufactured in the United States and is safe to use with any size dog, and even cats. In fact, we have one of the smallest dog fence collars in the industry.  Feel free to call for a no obligation, no pressure pet fence quote today. You may just like what you find.


Call your local Dealer for a free estimate today. You will get someone who knows pets, who knows pet containment and will not high pressure you.


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