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The Electronic Fence and Gated Communities – The Best of Both Worlds

Live in a gated, restricted community? An electronic fence may very well solve your pet containment problems.

A gated community is known to provide a lot of safety and security for the homeowner. There are often many perks that result from living in this type of community, and knowing that your family and possessions have an extra level of protection is a wonderful thing. However, there are often some very specific guidelines that relate to this type of neighborhood, and some of these guidelines will frequently pertain to the care and supervision of your pets.

Some of the most common rules that affect your pet relate to the fencing of animals. It is not uncommon to have rules that eliminate traditional fencing or at least govern how high your fence can be, or of what material. It's almost expected to require your animals to be safely and humanely contained within your yard, and to be on a leash at any other time. You may also be required to keep your yard neat and trim, which is not always easy when you have an energetic animal. It can also be difficult to keep a particularly energetic or stubborn pet in your yard, if you are forced to have a smaller fence. Fines, penalties, and even the removal of your pet from your custody are all possible if you fail to adhere to the guidelines.

An electronic fence is a safe and attractive way to maintain control of your pet, without hindering their emotional growth and development. It has been acknowledged by leading professional organizations that over crating a pet is inappropriate, and is can be linked to a variety of psychological and physical problems. Most cats and dogs enjoy being able to run freely, and this is only possible to do when their safety can also be guaranteed. That is when electronic fencing becomes appropriate.

The clutter that seems to accumulate from a pet spending time in your yard can seem overwhelming. A nice feature of an invisible dog fence is its ability to customize the part of your yard that it is acceptable for him or her to be contained in. That provides protection for your:

  • Plants

  • Garden

  • Garden gnome collection

  • Any other prized or unsafe possessions you have in your yard that you would prefer to remain in its current condition

This does not take into account the mess and clutter that appears as your pet digs up your garden or your plants. We all love our pets, but it doesn't mean that we want to clean up a destroyed yard every day.

Electronic fencing is a safe way to train your pet; yet it still allows them an outlet for their energy level. This will be especially appreciated when you come home to a pet who has been able to play all day and you have a clutter-free yard. Once you understand how easy it is to assure both the safety of your pet, and your own ability to adhere to the rules of your community, it seems quite obvious that you should contact a Contain-A-Pet representative immediately.

Why Contain-A-Pet? They offer true pet professionals to work with you and your pets. They are the first and only company to require all new dealers be certified dog trainers (implemented in 2007). Contain-A-Pet recommends a one year pet containment guarantee in the vast majority of instances. You shouldn’t have to put money at risk for something will not work for your pet. And, that isn’t likely to happen with Contain-A-Pet. There are other important reasons to choose Contain-A-Pet for your electronic fence. Discover those reasons by contacting your local Contain-A-Pet dealer for a free no pressure, no obligation estimate today.

Call your local Dealer for a free estimate today. You will get someone who knows pets, who knows pet containment and will not high pressure you.


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