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Electric Dog Fence: It Can Literally Save Your Dogís Life


An electric dog fence can, quite literally, be a life saver for your pet. The thing about dogs is that many, if not most of them, were bred for a lifestyle that no longer exists. They have instincts for an environment that they are rarely exposed to. This can lead to behaviors that range from annoying to downright dangerous, and this is where underground electric dog fences are going to be truly useful.

Imagine, for a minute, that you are in your dogís shoes, metaphorically speaking. You go for walks, of course, but the rest of the time you are confined to a tie out or a small kennel. Beyond this range, there are thousands of smells and sights, all of which are causing your ancient instincts to ping. One errant squirrel and youíre going to do everything you can to break that chain or escape that kennel. Itís no wonder that dogs have a tendency to wander off when they get loose.

This wouldnít be a problem if we lived on thousand acre farms, but virtually none of us do. The biggest problem for dogs is that in the last century weíve made a radical shift into concentrated population centers and started using automobiles. Both of these shifts create challenges that make life difficult for the modern dog. They make it incredibly important for you to have some way to keep your petsafe at home where he needs to be.

Even if you donít live in the city, you almost certainly live near other people. You are probably close enough to throw a rock at your neighborís house and actually hit it. This is a big change from much of our history, when people tended to be much less densely packed into any given area. This means that most of us donít have the space available that a dog would naturally want to roam within. The problem of course, is that while we know this, our dogs may not.

Likewise, prior to the introduction of the car, the fastest thing a dog would ever have had to deal with was a horse, which is well within a dogís ability to avoid. Now, cars are everywhere, and even the smartest dog can be placed in danger. This environment means that keeping your pet within clearly defined and above all safe limits is vitally important, and there are only a limited number of ways to do that.

Too many people just put their dogs on chains, which limits them to just a few feet. This is cruel, and if you have been doing it, you definitely need to look into another method.

You could also build a traditional structured fence. These typically fence you in as well, not to mention can run into the thousands of dollars. Also, many subdivisions do not even allow these structured fences to be built.

You can keep your pet inside, but you have to let it out sometime. Are you going to keep it on a leash all the time?

An electric dog fence by Contain-A-Pet, on the other hand, allows you to work with your dog to keep them in a safe range of your home. These systems done properly, are not designed to use pain to stop your dog, but rather use conditioning so that they know where their territory begins and ends. Many veterinarians, trainers and pet professionals recommend electric fencing Ö if done properly.

Contain-A-Pet does electric dog fencing properly. Since 2007, every new Contain-A-Pet dealer has to either be a dog trainer or have a certified dog trainer on staff. This allows for proper, humane training of your pet to keep it safe at home, where it belongs.

Contain-A-Pet also offers a full one year dog containment guarantee. We are the first and possibly the only company to ask our dealers to commit to this practice. Itís easy. If we canít contain your pet with your help, you shouldnít lose your hard earned money.

There are differences in the systems on the market, from the products, to the technology, to the people working with your family pet. Take five minutes now to learn about those differences and talk with your local Contain-A-Pet dealer ... your dog will be glad you did.




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