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Dog Fences: Electric Dog Fences Have Come A Long Way

Electric dog fences have been available for almost 30 years. Unfortunately, through these years, there have been certain stigmas and misconceptions surrounding this type of pet containment. We'll take a look at some of them, and set the record straight.

Electronic dog fences were originally created in 1971, by a traveling salesman who frequently witnessed animals being allowed to roam the streets of his town. It has been alleged that he invented the first type of invisible fencing with the hope of saving the lives of countless pets, as well as eliminating the fear and worry that is caused by the thought of a wandering, lost, family pet.

Since that time, as technology has progressed, dog fencing has improved as well. It is no longer a harsh “jolt” to the animal unfortunate enough to pass through the forbidden zone. Now, animal lovers, concerned for their pets are able to choose the level that is appropriate for their pet … with certain systems. If you choose Contain-A-Pet for your fence system, you are likely to encounter a certified dog trainer to help condition your dog or cat safely to the fence system. The likely end result will be a happy, well-adjusted dog that is contained safely in its yard.

Contain-A-Pet even has a special stubborn dog fence collar available for especially stubborn dogs who cannot be contained through regular training techniques. We have many cases on file of dogs escaping other dog fences and then being successfully contained by Contain-A-Pet and its professional trainer dealer.

Contain-A-Pet has an exclusive feature, the On-Board Trainer for many of its pet clients. It is an important way of humanely testing your pet's tolerance to different levels of correction. If, in the space of ten minutes, your pet attempts to test its boundaries multiple times, the On-board Trainer will automatically cycle to a higher setting. This is designed to curb your dog’s enthusiasm to see the world outside of his containment area.

An additional feature that has been designed to ensure the safety of your pet is the Pet Protect feature. This feature automatically determines if your pet is caught in the field for either 13 or 25 seconds. If this occurs, the units will change to tone only. A continuous shock would only serve to instill fear and is not conducive to positive training methods.

Gentle corrections and patient, positive conditioning should be used to teach your pet its boundaries. Underground dog fences that incorporate these methods make it quicker and easier for your pet to understand where it is supposed to stay. Contain-A-Pet's unique training techniques are designed around your pet’s personality and temperament. It helps form short term and long term conditioned memories that will aid in keeping your pet contained.

If you worry about your pet, and want to make sure they are in your life for a long time, call for an estimate from a local underground dog fence company today. Be sure to include a Contain-A-Pet dealer and make the decision that is right for your family.

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