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Contain-A-Pet is for Kitty Too

The Contain-A-Pet Containment System And How It Works


A cat fence is almost an oxymoron. Cats are notoriously hard to contain and direct, which is why we have the phrase “herding cats” as a synonym for something incredibly difficult. At the same time, many cats long to spend time outside, where they can chase birds, eat flowers and generally do the things that cats like to do. It would be nice to have a cat fence, but this has generally not been an option.

The problem is that cats are pretty much designed for escape. They can fit their bodies through any space that they can fit their furry little heads through. They are incredibly flexible and remarkably strong. They can leap many times their own length, both across and upwards. If that wasn’t enough, they are equipped with claws that are perfect for climbing almost anything.

This means that it is very difficult to keep any cat from getting where it wants to go. Any cat owner who has a cat that wants outside knows how difficult it is to keep a cat inside. They are smart. They are fast. And, they are very, very wily.

It’s difficult to keep them in a space where you have four walls and a roof, so how can you even hope to keep them in a yard, fence or no fence?

Well, to keep a cat where you want them, you would need a fence that a cat couldn’t climb. It would also be one they couldn’t jump, couldn’t dig under and couldn’t wiggle through. It would basically have to be made of glass, thirty feet high, and ten feet under ground to even have a chance at doing the job it was intended for. This might make for an ideal cat fence, but unless you’re rich and crazy, you’re probably not going to be able to swing it.

Fortunately for everyone lacking in the rich and mentally ill department, there actually is a fence that fits all the requirements for keeping your kitty safe and sound in your yard. What you need to get is an electronic pet fence which will keep any cat where they need to be with a lot less stress and expense than you would have trying to erect another kind of fence.

How this generally works is that wires are planted underground at the perimeter of your yard. These wires broadcast a radio signal, and this signal triggers a correction when the pet, in this case your cat, gets too close to your fence. It does require your cat to wear a collar, if they don’t already.

Here’s the thing that most people don’t realize about cats … they can be trained. What the electric cat fence allows you to do is to train your cat not to leave the yard. This is the proper use for an electronic fence. If you just try to strap a collar on your cat and rely on the correction to keep them in the yard, it is not going to work.

Contain-A-Pet can provide you with a cat fence. Will it work for your cat?
Unfortunately, cats are different than dogs and are a little more difficult to contain. They only allow cat fences to be sold by trainers/dealers who will be able to work with you and your cat to help keep them safe, healthy and in the yard. There are no high pressure sales tactics. Our goal is your goal.

Call your local Dealer for a free estimate today. You will get someone who knows pets, who knows pet containment and will not high pressure you.


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