Is Your Jumping Dog A Pest To Others?

Is your dog a pest to others? Chances are you would not know it if it was true.

Why? Your friends are afraid they will hurt your feelings.

Many dogs happily greet and jump all over visitors to their home. Clamoring for attention and getting rewarded for their behavior by unsuspecting guests and owners alike.

Notice the “rewarded for their behavior” in the last sentence? Unknowingly, when someone pets a dog for jumping up on them, they are saying it is okay to do so. And sometimes petting is the only thing a guest knows to do. They certainly aren’t going to hit or knee the dog.

It is up to you to stop this embarrassing behavior.

How do you do that? By taking control of your dog. Not allowing it to run freely to greet guests until it knows how to behave.

The best way to take control is to invest in 1-2 obedience/behavior lessons from a professional trainer.

Another way is to put your dog on a leash and only allow it to greet your guest when it calms down. Of course this isn’t a good solution if your dog drags you all over the place. In that case, go back to the obedience/behavior lesson.

The third way is to put your dog up when company comes. That is the easy way out and accomplishes nothing. After all, it isn’t the dog’s fault that it doesn’t know how to behave.

Many trainers talk about properly using an electronic collar, lightly kneeing a dog in the chest or grabbing and holding its paws or using a shaker can or simply ignoring and turning away from it.

Any of these recommendations could be correct when done in the proper measure followed by praise. It really depends on the personality of the dog.

Correcting the behavior is not meant to intimidate, dominate or physically hurt a dog. It is meant only to correct and then reaffirm/praise the proper behavior.

That is why I recommend deferring to a professional. They can show you how to correct the behavior … and I believe it will be worth every penny.

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