New Study On Training Scent Dogs

For years dog trainers have used pseudonym dog smells to emulate the real substance a dog is to learn to search for.  What is a pseudonym scent?  A pseudonym scent is a substitute smell made artificially in place of the real thing … marijuana, cocaine, explosives, cadavers.  Now there is a study  from Indiana University and Purdue University that states there is nothing like the real thing.

How sniffer dogs detect explosives decoded
Business Standard, on Sun, 02 Mar 2014 04:11:15 -0800
Previous studies suggested that certain non-explosive chemicals emitted by Composition C-4 cause dogs to alert, and that these specific chemicals could be used as mimic substances to train the dogs in place of real explosives. Researchers discovered

Bomb Sniffing Dogs

Training scent dogs is fun.  you can even do a fun version with your puppy.  I call them fun tracks.  Contact your local dog trainer to see if he/she has any experience in scent training.  Back to Dog News.


Article Photo by:  Afghanistan Matters

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