Breed Discrimination in America

Discrimination in the USA, and the world for that matter, takes many forms.  Read what is happening to the Pit Bull and realize what a “few people” could do to your German Shepherd, Doberman, etc. The following article appeared in the Examiner recently.

Breed discrimination in America

If any animal could bring a discrimination suit in court and win, it would be the American pit bull terrier (APBT). The APBT that was once an American icon is now hunted down by authorities as if it were a terrorist under the breed specific legislation (BSL).

“The America Kennel Club (AKC) refuses to recognize them as a breed because of their fighting back ground and no standard has been set. The American Staffordshire terrier is recognized by the AKC, but these dogs were imported from Europe in the early …”

And finally … AKC is considering registering the Labradoodle as a recognized breed, a mixed breed dog with no known origins before the 21st century.


FYI, as a professional dog trainer, I have seen some really squirrelly Labradoodles … just saying.  I also have seen some pretty good ones too.  The limiting factor for all of these breeds boils down to the breeder and then the owner.  Each have their responsibilities.


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