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Banning Dog Breeds – Coming To A Home Near You

May 17, 2011 General Pet Info

Do you live in a city with banned dog breeds? Many people do and some don’t even realize it as often times the laws are not enforced. In the next few paragraphs you will learn about how breeds get banned, the breeds that are most often banned and why it should make a difference to […]

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Dog Fence Review – How Do You Choose?

February 1, 2009 Dog Fence Review

Dog Fence Review.  How do you choose the dog fence that is right for you? I am biased; but, I believe in most cases (not all) that the best dog fence is from Contain-A-Pet.  This is going to be a series of dog fence review articles that may help you to decide if a electric […]

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Dog Cloning. What Do You Think?

January 31, 2009 Dog News

Dog cloning is in the national news again. Lancelot, a yellow labrador retriever puppy has been delivered to a couple in Boca Raton this week. Lancelot is not the first dog cloned (first in the United States for commercial purposes), but he is the most expensive. $155,000 was the price the couple paid to have […]

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