Sporting Dog

Golden Retriever Breed

October 5, 2009 Dog Breeds

Golden Retriever Characteristics At a glance: Breed Group: Golden Retriever Height: 23-24 inches Weight: 65-75 lbs Color: golden color coats. Life Expectancy: 10-13 years Average litter size: 6 History: The golden retriever breed originated from Scotland in 1800. There were doubts over the original breeds which were crossed. The original or traditional opinion was believed […]

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Brittany Spaniel – Dog Breed Info

July 24, 2008 Dog Breeds

The Brittany Spaniel, a member of the Sporting Dog Group is a fantastic all around dog. Known as a hunter. They also have a great disposition and very friendly. Choosing the right breed dog is very important for you and for the dog. Here are the dog breed standards and other important information you should […]

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American Cocker Spaniels

October 9, 2007 Dog Breeds

Is the American Cocker Spaniel the right dog breed for you? Following is a brief standard on American Cocker Spaniels. Included is their history, their physical and mental makeup and how to best care for them. At a glance: Dog Breed Group: Sporting Dog Group Height: 14 – 15inches Weight: 15 – 30 pounds Color: […]

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