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Contain-A-Pet Mission Statement



Mission Statement





As a company, Contain-A-Pet realizes it has a responsibility, both moral and ethical to be the best company it can.  Although financial success is important, it is not the only measure of being successful.  It is our mission to uphold the following statements as the principles and guiding light of our company:


- To set the standards for which pet containment system companies are measured.


- To provide the best quality product in the marketplace.


- To continually design its pet fence system to meet the needs of the pet owners and their pet.


- To encourage and support each Dealer to the best of its capabilities, including technical training in selling, installing, and servicing our pet containment products.


- To ensure that each Dealer has a background in Animal Behavior and Dog Training; and if not, to provide the knowledge necessary to ensure responsible handling of our clients' pets.


- To be the most competitive full-service pet containment company in the field.


- To be able to service each customer regardless of whose product they may own.


- To ensure that the best animal conditioning and behavioral techniques are used for each type of pet.


- To help each Dealer achieve their full potential, as we know our success is solely dependent upon the success of the Dealer.


- Contain-A-Pet America, Inc


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