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contain a pet "How Would You Like A Business With An Exclusive Territory?"
dealership opportunity "How Would You Like A Business That Doesn't Take
A Barrel Full Of Money To Start Up?"
dog trainer "How Would You Like To Make A Positive Difference In Many Pets And Their Families' Lives?"
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hidden fence "How Would You Like To Become A Professional Dog Trainer? "


This Can Be Your Business With Only A Few Conditions ...

  • You have to love pets and people.

  • You have to be willing to become a professional dog trainer (That is if you are not already one) .

  • You have to be willing to go out and tell your community about your business.

  • You have to be willing to market and advertise your company.

  • You have to be lucky enough that a Contain-A-Pet business is available in your area.

Does This Sound Like You?

Do Opportunities Keep Passing You By?


"Well, You Better Get Moving! If You Keep Waiting For Something To Happen, It Never Will. You HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! "


We are looking for People that are ready to make something happen in their lives. It takes hard work, a good attitude, a willingness to serve others and having faith in yourself and fellow man.

Do you want to make a difference?

We are looking for People that are ready to make something happen in their lives.

Have you got it in you?

If you do, we will guide you every step of the way.

It takes hard work, a good attitude, a willingness to serve others and having faith in yourself and fellow man.



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We value your privacy.  We will never share your information with anyone!

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  Start placing your customer testimonials here...

When I began my search for a way to continue to grow in the pet industry, I looked into having a compliment to my already established business of Warren Retrievers. I found a very valuable asset in which I now own in Contain-A- Pet.

After a complete review of what Contain-A- Pet had to offer along with many other companies, I found Contain-A-Pet was the best value for the amount of investment needed to establish a dealership in the state of Virginia. I truly believe we have an outstanding, very competitive product. It permits us to be on the cutting edge of technology and it makes it affordable to every home. We have a distinct advantage over our main competitors as we are true pet professionals here in VA. I

n less than a year we have become a very well known and well respected company offering electronic pet fencing, professional dog training along with our Labrador retriever breeding program.

I have chosen to stay loyal to my profession of being a true dog professional with Contain- A-Pet simply because of the product, pricing and support we receive from our corporate office. They are true pet professionals too. They have trained. They are pioneers in the electronic pet fence industry. I feel the sky is my limit with Contain- A- Pet. I would highly recommend Contain-A-Pet for anyone considering complimenting or starting their dog profession.

Sincerely, Dan Warren Owner - Contain A Pet - Richmond Dog Fence

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  Almost 10 years ago I was an employee of Contain-A-Pet in Winston-Salem, NC. I did everything from sales to service to installation. Most importantly, I started learning about dog behavior and became a professional dog trainer.

When the Charlotte, NC dealer put his business up for sale, I jumped on it! That was June 2004. I was nervous, unsure and full of doubt venturing on my own.

The first thing I did was call all of my clients and introduced myself. I made sure they knew I was there if they ever needed me. Then, I started building my business by following the Contain-A-Pet start-up and marketing guidelines.

Today, when I go to give an estimate I feel confident that I am going to get the job and be able to help another family protect their pet. My business has been voted to Angie's List (a consumer satisfaction newsletter that you cannot buy into.) and I am growing in prestige and profits each and every day.

I am making a difference in the lives of my clients because they know they can trust me and that I am there for them. I consider myself lucky that I found Contain-A-Pet.

Jeremy Scarafino Owner - Contain-A-Pet of Metrolina - Charlotte Dog Fence
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