Dog Days of Summer – Keep Your Pets Safe from The Heat

June 27, 2012 Dog Health

The dog days of summer are here and we should all be aware of our pets and there exposure to these hot days.  As a professional trainer, I limit my doggie clients workouts to short periods of time (10-15 minutes) when it is hot and have plenty of water and shade available. Below is an […]

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Doberman Pinschers

June 26, 2012 Dog Breeds

At a glance: Breed Group: Working dog Height: 24-28 inches Weight: 65-68 pounds Color: blue-grey, black, red, black and tan, white and fawn Life Expectancy: 8-12 Years Feeding: Medium-Demanding Temperament: Alert and biddable Average litter: 3-8 pups History: The breeding of Doberman Pinschers was first done in Germany during the 19th Century by Karl Friedrich […]

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Diamond Pet Foods – Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice Dry Dog Food Recall

April 9, 2012 Dog News

Diamond Pet Foods has issued a recall on its Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice dry dog food.  This food may be contaminated with Salmonella. If you have one of the products below, immediately stop feeding the dog and implement handling procedures as all pets and humans coming in contact with it can be exposed to […]

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