Dogs Die In Hot Truck

Earlier today I made a post referencing an article about keeping dogs safe from the heat.  Unfortunately, we have an example of two dog deaths occurring in Massachusetts while in the back of a truck.  And, this occurred in the back seat of a pickup truck with the windows open and the dogs having access to water.  This happened to a pet owner that thought they were taking all of the proper precautions.  Folks, this could happen to your pet.

Below is the report from WWLP

Two dogs dead after being left in hot car

On Wednesday, the season got off to a deadly start.

A well-meaning pet owner left two dogs in the back of a covered pickup with fresh water and the windows open. But the heat quickly took its toll.

“It just gets too hot when there’s no ventilation,” explained Dr. Erika Mueller, the hospital’s co-owner and Critical Care Specialist. “One presented dead and the other one died shortly afterward just from the high temperatures.”


“Even on a 70 degree day, parked in the shade with windows cracked, the temperature inside a car can reach over 100 degrees in a matter of minutes,” said Lash.

That’s why veterinarians are warning pet owners: there’s no safe way to ever leave an animal in a car during warm weather.


As mentioned above, even on a 70 degree day, we could lose our pet friends in a parked car.  Please be careful and never take chances with your best friend.

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