DNA Testing For Dogs

DNA Testing For Dogs

DNA testing has now gone to the dogs. Have you ever adopted a mixed breed dog or knew someone that had a mixed breed dog and you wondered what breeds he was made of?

Now you can stop wondering. A company is coming out with a DNA test so that you can identify the breeds of your dog. MMI Genomics has a kit (“Canine Heritage”) that will identify up to 38 different dog breeds.

The kit will include a swab to wipe inside of a dog’s cheeks. It also includes sterile packaging so you can ship it to them for identification. Test results will be received in four to six weeks.

I actually think if the pricing is reasonable there will be some demand for this product. And pricing should be reasonable. The AKC utilizes this company for breed and genetic lineage verification … a dog paternity test if you will.

I will let you know more as I learn more if anyone is interested.  Maybe this is the start of a new breed definition

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