Your Pets Medicine – Your Veterinarian Or The Internet? (The Conclusion)

Your Pets Medicine – Your Veterinarian Or The Internet? (The Conclusion)

If you remember the post regarding your pet’s medicine from a week ago, I showed you how you could possible save on your pet’s medicine by getting your veterinarian to price match your pet’s medicine from the internet.

I also promised to provide you even more information why buying your pets medications online may not be the way to go. Here goes …

Did you know that many products and medications for pets have a guarantee if administered through a licensed veterinarian? Did you also know that most of these guarantees are void when purchased from online retailers? Make sure you read the fine print or check with the retailer if you decide to purchase this way. Get your answer in writing from the retailer or the company who manufactures the product.

A good example would be two owners who give their dogs’ heartworm preventative. Both love their pets and work hard to maintain their dogs’ health and nutrition. Both give the heartworm preventative regularly as prescribed.

Dog owner #1 buys his pets medicine (in this case heartworm preventative) online. Dog owner #2 buys his through his dog’s veterinarian. Let’s say in this particular case, both owners’ dogs test positive for heartworms. Although rare, it can happen.

Dog owner #2′s veterinary bill for heartworm treatment will be paid by the manufacturer as outlined in their guarantee. Why? Because it is documented in his dog’s medical records by his veterinarian.

Dog owner #1 does not have such a luxury. He has to pay the bill entirely out of pocket because he purchased his pets medicine online.

What makes the difference in the two? The manufacturer’s guarantee does! Go to this link ( and scroll down to the bottom where it says, “Novartis 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to Veterinarians.”

Read that section in its entirety.

Get the picture? Which dog owner will you be?

The guarantee also applies to other products besides heartworm medication. If your dog has a reaction or if for some reason you are unhappy with your pet’s medicine, good luck getting a sympathetic ear from the online vendor!

If you are still determined to go online to buy your pets medicine, check the packaging. Make sure it has the proper expiration. Make sure it is in the correct language. Read the instructions and conditions. And make sure the contents look in satisfactory condition.

To summarize, who do you think really cares about your pet? It should be an easy answer … your veterinarian.

In fact, any decision regarding your pet’s safety and well being should be deferred to professionals.

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