Your Pets Medications – Your Veterinarian Or The Internet?

Your Pets Medications – Your Veterinarian Or The Internet?

Ask your veterinarian to price match your pets’ medications you find on the internet.

I don’t know of any veterinarian who wouldn’t price match medications for your pets or at least work with you … if you are a loyal client.

Don’t expect to just walk into a clinic you’ve never been to before and ask them to price match your pets’ medications. You have to establish a relationship with them first.

Here is the process.

Go to the website where you found the medication for pets you want to buy. Enter what you need in the shopping cart. Go far enough into the checkout process where you have a total listed (do not actually purchase the product.) Be sure each of your pets’ medications are listed with the price. INCLUDE THE SHIPPING INFORMATION (that is only the right thing to do). You could also just print the information off the main product screen as long as the shipping information is included somewhere on the page.

Print this off and take it to your vet. Make sure that the order has a date on it as they probably won’t honor anything that wasn’t printed out during the last few days. Tell them what you have and ask them if they could help with the price on your pets’ medications.

The best possible scenario is that they match your pets medications price or becomes more competitive. If not, you have some decisions to make.

Do you really believe the online pet medications companies care as much about you and your pet as your vet does? Trust me, I have a licensed vet tech acquaintance that has had to speak to pet medications customer service representatives on more than one occasion.

Veterinarians and their staff work hard to establish relationships with their clients. When you buy your pets medications from them not only do you get the product (heartworm tablets, flea prevention, arthritis medication, whatever) but you also get the advice and knowledge that comes along with it.

Sure, buying something for a cheaper price is a right you have as a consumer. But have you thought about WHY it’s cheaper? Many times cheaper isn’t necessarily cheaper. That extra money you spend is paying for professionals’ advice and guidance. It could end up saving your pet’s life!

In my next dog health article, I will provide you even more information why buying your pets medications online may not be the way to go.

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