Electronic Collar – Need To Replace Your Brand?

Electronic Collar. Do you need to replace your brand of electronic or electric fence collar? We were the very first company in the world to offer fence collars that work on other brands of dog fences. And we replace these collars frequently.

We get calls all the time from people that own a brand of electric dog fence from a dog fence competitor or from one of the department store brands that are made overseas. They want to know if Contain-A-Pet has a version of their elctronic dog collar.

The reasons for owning a Contain-A-Pet electronic collar vary, but usually they fall under these categories:

  • Their current electronic dog collar is no longer keeping their dog in their dog fence. And they need dog training assistance to keep their dog in the yard.
  • They need a new electronic dog collar … again. And they are tired of paying for a replacement each time their dog collar breaks.
  • They need a new collar and they want someone locally they can depend on for service and upkeep of their system.
  • They need a new electronic collar and they would like to have a smaller, more advanced model.
  • They need a new electronic dog collar and they are tired of paying outrageous prices for fence batteries that are configured in such a way that you have to buy the fence batteries from the manufacturer.

As discussed in the Contain-A-Pet website, we have some of the most advanced electronic pet fence products on the market. We are not the cheapest out there, but we are reasonably priced. We do offer a limited lifetime warranty. We can contain your pet better than anyone else. And we are made right here in the USA.

Contain-A-Pet electronic collar image

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